Gears of Eden storms its way onto the indie scene.

It has everything needed to succeed as a crowd funded game.

Image Credit: Cubit Games

Crowd funding is becoming increasingly popular with indie developers, and it’s not surprising when so many games have been so successfully funded. Head over to any crowd funding site and you’ll be met with a plethora of games to choose from. It’s great.
Problem is, with so many new projects being added every day to succeed a game has to stand out for all the right reasons.
Gears of Eden does just that.
Gears of Eden is a space exploration and adventure game by Cubit Games in the first stages of development.
The free demo and crowd funding campaign don’t launch until early 2017, but Cubit games have already planted themselves firmly in the indie spotlight.
They are engaging with the gaming community to make the Gears of Eden development an experience for everyone. From enrolling Alpha testers to calling for space enthusiasts to voice their opinions, it’s easy to get involved and that’s what gamers love. A personal experience where you can get as involved as you like, or lurk in the virtual shadows and see how development’s going.

Gears of Eden

Fast forward 1,000 years into the future, and we’re all extinct. We’re no more than mythical creatures to our heroes, self aware, intelligent machines living somewhere in space. Enter our little buddy, a machine who has recently woken up, lost and curious. Determined to find the answers to the questions most of us ask ourselves if we stay up too late and think too hard about it Why am I here? Where are we from? Our machine sets off exploring and mining for clues to point him in the right direction.
While exploration games might not be everyone’s thing, we’re also promised an ‘epic story.’ seemingly revolving around the implications that arise when machines made to be no more than efficient tools spring to life. Nice and dramatic.
Ben Sledge, filmmaker, founder and CEO of Cubit Games says that ‘Searching and mining for clues while unraveling the purpose and meaning of the vast machine civilization’ is what will drive players forward at the beginning of the game, and tweets assure us that fans of Minecraft and Portal will enjoy Gears of Eden. With an open world setting, an epic story and robots (who doesn’t love robots?) Gears of Eden seems to have something for everyone.
The Demo (aiming for an April 2017 release) will have numerous features including

  • Resource mining
  • Crafting and upgrading components
  • Base upgrades
  • NPC interaction

Though the full game will have much more, it seems like Cubit Games are going to release enough for us to sink our teeth into when the demo does come out next year.


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Image Credit: Cubit Games

Behind the Scenes.

If you want to catch an early behind the scenes view of the games development along with some seriously cool concept art, you can do so here.
Cubit Games are also currently in the process of registering 400 users for its first round of alpha testing (you can sign up right here.)

Though the crowd funding campaign doesn’t officially start until 2017, Cubit games are accepting donations for development right now, with perks ranging from a postcard and early access to the opportunity to name a character. If you’re interested in Gears of Eden, you can head over to their website and browse through the updates and blog entries there. I’d also highly recommend heading over to their Twitter for their regular giveaways!
With over 2,000 followers on social media over the last few weeks it seems as though Gears of Eden is getting attention and doing it fast. The potential of the game, the continual updates and the passionate and personal touch that Cubit Games are doing so well make it seem like Gears of Eden is going to be a success story for crowd funded games. Go see for yourself and let us know what you think!


Written by Bernice Wakefield

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